We solve marketing problems, digitally.

Whether you want more leads, need a new website, want to rank higher in Google or improve your social marketing, we can help. You see, we love to diagnose and solve all kinds of marketing problems - so that's one less thing to worry about.

Our approach.

We believe there are ways of solving problems which don’t involve throwing money in the hope that "expensive = better". In the digital world, that is rarely the case. In fact, most marketing problems can be solved cost effectively, providing the correct diagnosis is carried out at the earliest opportunity. To accomplish this in the most efficient manner possible, we have a simple four step approach...

1. Diagnosis

Every problem will display symptoms and ultimately have a root course. Our first step is to sit with you in a diagnostic session to uncover what the root of your problem is.

During our diagnosis session, we listen to what you want and ask you to describe your perfect outcome.

2. Clarify your requirements

Once we have a full diagnosis we create a set of requirements and recommendations which will deliver what you want. Our requirements will also include what we consider to be the basics, born out of our personal experience.

This means that you'll normally get more for your money.

3. Delivery

When the requirements and deadlines are finalised, we can get to work on delivering your project.

Every piece of work we agree to take on will be delivered in accordance with agreed milestones and deadlines. We have excellent project management skills, based around an agile methodology.

4. Handover and support

Once the project has been completed we then handover the solution to you. Whether this is a strategy to be implemented, a website or email, we then work with you to ensure everything is working as it should.

We will always be here to help when you need us.

Who we are.

I created H&T Marketing because I wanted to try and help businesses of all sizes achieve their ambitions.– Rob Hallums, founder of H&T Marketing

H&T Marketing opened for business in 2006 to provide a unique set of digital marketing skills which many considered out of the reach of small businesses in the UK.

Since then we've evolved our approach to put our skills to best use for organisations of all sizes around the world.

We're a small but perfectly formed company and without the need for significant overheads. What we lack in size, we make up for in ability.

Services we offer.

Lead generation

There are long and short term options when it comes to lead generation, we can help with both, but we prefer to create a strategy for the long term.

Search engine optimisation

Want to appear higher in Google? Whether your website is old or new, we can help. We’ll create a strategy for you to follow which will improve your rankings in the short and long term. And we can prove it.

Email marketing

Whether you need a template for an email marketing campaign, or automated marketing system, we have the skills to make it happen. And your campaigns will be optimised per device to ensure your message gets read.

Social media strategies

Social media is still so new but we've implemented social media for customer service teams, crowdfunding campaigns and even managed the social media activity for a football club.


We can devise, create and manage advertising campaigns for you which are all aligned with KPIs. We have experience with Google, Facebook and Twitter to name a few platforms. We can also assist with your remarketing campaigns.

Website design

All our websites will be responsive and come with a CMS. By default our websites follow W3C guidelines and search optimisation best practices, making them both usable and functional. Oh, and they'll look great too.

Landing page optimisation

Most campaigns need landing pages optimised for a particular conversion journey. Whether that's a single page or multiple, we'll help you optimise your landing pages to get the best possible conversion rates.


We can implement and optimise your on site analytics, and help you decipher the reports to make decisions about your website and marketing campaigns.

Content management

We can help you create content and then manage it going forward. We also help manage the content which not everybody sees (meta data, alt tags, title tags, etc…). It will naturally be optimised based on keyword research and best practice.


Leads generated


Clients helped


Projects delivered